Healthcare & Biomedical

    This category includes both healthcare service providers and biosciences research and manufacturers of equipment, devices, and pharmaceuticals. Click to learn more.


    Back Office & Information Technology

    These operations include such services as call centers, technical support, processing facilities, and data centers. Click to learn more.


    Aerospace & Light Manufacturing

    A broad category that includes suppliers that create components, materials or other elements for larger manufacturers.  Click to learn more.


    Logistics & Distribution

    These businesses include freight carriers (sea, air, rail, and trucking), warehousing, materials handling, shipping and logistics.  Click to learn more. Photo by Russ Bryant.


    The Lowcountry

    The Lowcountry of South Carolina is a beautiful place where life is good and companies can thrive because their people can thrive. Click to learn more.

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Tap into our energy.

The Lowcountry of South Carolina is an ideal environment for high-growth startup companies. You’ll find the right attitude, the right assets, the right employee skills, and the right overall economic climate for your business to thrive.

Between 1999 and 2007, the Lowcountry created 1,400 new businesses, a growth rate well above the nation. While today’s economy presents some challenges, ironically it also presents some major opportunities for economic growth in the Lowcountry.

Right now in the Lowcountry real estate prices are affordable, infrastructure improvements are being funded and built, and the employee base is motivated, providing a unique competitive edge for business. Economic development is a priority for policymakers. And with large numbers of military personnel headed back to the area, there will be an abundance of  highly-skilled and well-trained potential employees.

Think about it. These young people are already experienced at teamwork, setting and achieving goals, and making things happen. This Lowcountry asset alone could be one of the most powerful forces for your business.
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Explore the affordable opportunities and special offers in real estate and business facilities now available in the Lowcountry.

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