Ideal Opportunity for Economic Growth in the Lowcountry Region

The Lowcountry region is strategically positioned to be a hotbed for economic growth in the coming years. Beaufort and Jasper counties provide a beautiful natural environment, ideal geographic location, and healthy entrepreneurial climate to set the right frame for desired business investment.

We just completed three economic study reports that provide an in-depth understanding for how we can foster development by strengthening and investing in the Lowcountry region’s four target clusters: Healthcare & Biomedical, Back office & Information Technology, Light Manufacturing & Assembly, and Logistics & Distribution.

The three Lowcountry economic study reports are available for you to download here:

The Lowcountry region has many opportunities for growth and we must focus on expanding infrastructure and improving education in the four target industries. We encourage:

  • Regional investments to enhance critical infrastructure serving business and industry to create a competitive advantage; and
  • Seed funding for University and Technical College programs and curricula to expand education and training opportunities fueling the target industries; and
  •  Advancing workforce development initiatives focused on our region’s young professionals and high-skilled former military.

We look forward to hearing from and working with the local communities to ensure support and cooperation to create a thriving Lowcountry region.